Tips on caring for grey hair 

Silver foxes rejoice… 


For so long there has been a stigma around going grey. The sitcom horror of finding your first grey hair has been ingrained in society as the turning point into old age. From the discovery of your first grey hair you immediately turn into an elderly wench and shrivel up into a raisin of your former existence. 

This isn’t the case anymore as more women embrace the greys as they pop up, whether that’s in their 20s or 50s. If you’re someone who has noticed a few errant hairs then this is your guide to maintain your beautiful locks without changing your look but embracing this new you! 

If you’ve previously dyed your hair 

Ok, time to drop a truth-bomb. If you have lightened your hair before, chemicals would’ve already comprised your strands so your hair will likely feel coarser and more wiry before you go grey. This is due to the fact that lightener strips the layers of colour from our hair to achieve a base that brighter colours sit well on, which makes our hair a lot weaker. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is inject some moisture into your hair to repair the damage. Use our KeraCare® Intensive Restorative Masque weekly to strengthen and rebuild damage. Once your hair feels stronger it’ll look smoother. 

If you haven’t dyed it 

If you are rocking virgin hair then the process of the caring for grey hair is going to be easier, this is purely because you aren’t dealing with a host of issues and you can focus on looking after your greys. One thing you may notice is that your hair seems finer. Colour creates the illusion of depth so it goes without saying that once the colour has gone hair will look thinner. Try avoiding straightening your hair (this flattens your hair’s cortex and will make hair appear thinner) and embrace a wavy or curly ’do. Setting your curls with our KeraCare® Foam Wrap-Setting Lotion will give our style more body. 

If feels more brittle than normal 

Newsflash! Grey hair does not grow out of your scalp coarser than normal hair. The reason your hair might feel more brittle is because as you age the oil glands in your skin (including your scalp) produces less sebum so any oil that was being brushed through your hair diminishes. Using a light oil such as our KeraCare® Essential Oils a few times as week will help hair feel softer and smoother. Simply massage a few drops into your scalp and brush through before styling. 

If it has a yellow tinge 

Have you been applying a lot of heat to your hair? This among other things is something that can cause your hair to have a yellow tinge as the high heat can react to the minerals in the water you wash your hair in and even products that you are using. It’s best to firstly lower the heat settings of your stylers and cut back usage to keep hair as healthy as possible. Next up use a shampoo that helps correct tone, our KeraCare® Shampoo for Color Treated Hair is great for gently removing brassiness and preserving colour.