How to prepare for your Texture Release™

The Essential Guide to our Texture Release System


Have you heard about our Texture Release™ treatment by your hairstylist or on social media, and are curious to know more about what it actually is, and how it differs from a relaxer or any other straightening treatment? If so, read our article on how to prepare for your Texture Release™ treatment by our Avlon Europe Director of Education Jacqui McIntosh.



Texture Release™ System is our dynamic styling system that uses heat-activated amino acids and conditioning agents, which goes deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility. Unlike relaxers systems, Texture Release will not change the hair’s “S” bond or Sulphur bond, which is formed by crosslinks and is responsible for the hair’s strength amongst other things. When relaxing hair, this bond is broken and a new bond is formed. The patented enzymes and nano keratin are key ingredients in Texture Release. These enzymes cross-link the hydrolyzed keratin to the hair fibres, which holds the hair in the desired shape, imparting effective thermal protection. Texture Release™ will initially last for approximately 8-12 weeks depending on the frequency of repeated treatments.


This allows you, the client; to have optional textural change with increased conditioning benefits. So essentially, you can transform your curly, coily hair to sleek and straight without committing to a permanent texture-altering treatment. 

When considering Texture Release™, there are certain fundamentals that should be considered to ensure the finished outcome meets your needs. The ideal client will fit the following criteria:

·      You don’t want to commit to any permanent chemical treatments

·      You are transitioning from relaxed/chemically treated hair to natural 

·      You wish to elongate your natural curl pattern

·      You require the versatility of being able to wear your hair straight or curly 



What hair type is recommended for Texture Release™ ?


If you meet some or all of the criteria mentioned above, you may be an ideal client for the Texture Release™ treatment. However, there are other things to consider too, such as your hair type. Wavy, curly to tightly coiled hair types are the Ideal hair textures for Texture Release™. If you tick these all these boxes let’s move onto the next stage of the treatment, which is that all-important consultation with your stylist prior to your salon visit. Below we’ve listed some questions you should expect to be asked by your stylist:


Key consultation questions your stylist will ask:


•   What hair services have you previously had on your hair? Were these performed by a professional or by yourself at home? This kind of will give the stylist an insight into how you manage your hair, and he or she will also be able to recognise whether you are someone that can maintain your hair independently or will need more salon support with your maintenance.


•   Have you previously carried out any heat-related services to your hair?

This question is asked to establish whether you currently use heat and to gain an understanding of the frequency in which heat is used on your hair


•   Have you previously received a relaxer, smoothing system or keratin service in the last 6-18 months?

This question is asked to further access the history of your hair .


•   Have you recently received a chemical treatment within the last 6 weeks i.e. colour services, texturising services etc?

Anything that you may not have considered a chemical treatment needs to be mentioned at this point. Hairstylists ask this question because sometimes clients use products which they honestly believe have no chemical effects on the hair structure, however, question they actually do.


•   What is your hair care regime: how often do you condition your hair?

This will help the hairstylist access how frequently you manage your hair treatments, your visual hair condition will collaborate with the information you are giving the stylist.


•   Do you suffer from any allergies?

We live in an environment that can cause hyper sensitivity so your stylist needs to know if you are experiencing any allergic reactions to anything. This will help the stylist to establish whether to continue with this service or seek an alternative.


•   What do you love most about your hair currently?

This is huge one, as hairstylists need to know what you love about your hair. This information helps  the stylist make the right decisions regarding your desired outcomes. 



•   How would you like your Texture Release to be?

Texture Release™ offers the client the ultimate versatility, which includes the type of finished look that will be achieved according to your desired level of straightness. The different options include:

Optimal Finish:

This is the ultimate straightened finish achieved by the application of increased passes with the flat iron required to achieve that level of straightness. 


This finish is ideal if you require versatility with your look, and desire the option to change your finished look from straight to curly.


This outcome is used to loosen your natural curl pattern as a means to reducing shrinkage and promote more definition within your curl pattern. Elongation can be achieved without the use of flat irons.

How to maintain Texture Release™


Hair maintenance is a required for ALL hair types and textures, however with curly hair it is an absolute necessity. To maintain your Texture Release™ System you will be required to protect and nourish your hair fibers with a haircare regime that will be prescribed by your stylist to suit your hair needs and fit within your lifestyle. Your stylist should devise an in-salon treatment plan, alongside your home care regime, which will include the relevant products from the Avlon hair care range. 



Do you have any further questions about Texture Release™? Leave a comment below and Jacqui will get back to you.