The morning after the night before

Goodnight, Sweethearts: how to create the perfect bedtime hair routine


What is your night time hair routine like? Are you the type to meticulously wrap your hair at night ensuring that you have a flawless finish in the morning? Or are you the type who has a more relaxed approach to your hair routine at bedtime and anything goes? Well, we are here to explain how prepping your hair at night is one of the most fundamental ways to keep your hair in good health. We also offer tips on how to do so, so read on. 

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Laying healthy foundations

Before we even begin our night time hair prep, take a moment to think about what kind of pillowcase your crowning glory is laying on? Even if you sleep with a headscarf or satin bonnet, we know they are both prone to falling off during the night, so to ensure your strands are protected at all times we suggest investing in a silk or satin pillowcase. The soft fabrics found in satin and silk are much kinder to your hair, allowing you to toss and turn without the threat of hair damage which is often a consequence of sleeping on more abrasive materials like cotton and polyester. 


Brush before bedtime 

Before you wind down for the evening, take the time to brush your hair and remove all the tangles it naturally accumulates during the day. As exhausted as you may be, taking a few minutes to do so will pay off in so many ways to prevent your hair from breaking off or become dry and lifeless. Add a bit of product also to help to re-hydrate your locks and add lustre and shine. Our KeraCare Overnight Treatment is a great option if your hair is worn in straighter or sleeker styles. For those with more textured natural hair apply  KeraCare Hair Milk, which is a creamy based formula that infuses moisture to the hair, whilst helping to control frizz and leave your curls feeling defined and smooth. 


Prep your protective style

One of the most crucial steps towards protecting your hair at night is applying a protective style of some sort to your hair. For naturalistas applying chunky braids, cornrows or flat twists are all effective methods which help to keep your hair smooth and prevent it from become dry and brittle and vulnerable to breakage. Your protective style can also serve as your preparation for your daytime style. If you are planning to wear your hair out the next day apply a styler to your twists and braids such as our Natural Textures Butter Cream, which is made from gentle natural ingredients and leaves your curls feeling soft, smooth and defined. If you wear your hair in straight styles wrap setting your hair at night will save you a world of bother in the morning. Smooth the hair against the scalp and brush in clockwise motion until your hair resembles a vintage Beehive style. Spritz a few sprays of our KeraCare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen, which provides sheen and shine to the hair without weighing it down. Keep your wrap in place by applying a satin or silk headscarf. A scarf is an essential to your nighttime routine, helping to provide protection to your precious strands throughout the night (even if you find yourself waking up discovering that it’s slipped off your head for the 20thtime). 


These are easy enough tips to follow, right? If you struggle to find time to do this every night, perhaps you could try implanting your routing earlier on in the evening before you get to the stage where you feel you are about to crash. As tedious as it may seem, the benefits it offers to your hair far outweighs the inconvenience of the task. 



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