Easy way to manage your hair at the gym

Don’t sweat it: tips to take care of your hair at the gym


Despite the numerous benefits that physical exercise offers, so many of us are put off from attending the gym on a regular basis due to the conundrum of what to do with our hair. It’s no secret that gym and hair care aren’t the greatest mix, and when you throw in the ever-changing structure of textured which reacts to humidity, that presents even more of a challenge. And yet, a good exercise regimen and regular physical activity is conducive to healthy hair, so not only are you giving yourself the gift of good health when you work out, you are also contributing to your glowing, thriving crowning glory. If you’re struggling to get to grips with your hair while working out, we’ve compiled some easy to follow tips on to gym-proof your strands, which you can read below.


Prioritise protective styling

Before you step out of the house for that 7pm high cardio Body Blast session, tie your hair in a protective style to keep it stretched, minimise frizz and prevent tangles. Part your hair in four and apply thick cornrows, or alternatively apply a flat twist out to the crown that can be unravelled easily. Extra tip: add a headscarf or headband to your style to keep hair hydrated and to absorb sweat. 


Give strands a gentle cleanse 

If you attend the gym two-three times a week it may be impractical to give it a traditional cleanse every time you attend, but you should at least wash once a week to remove any unwanted build up by co-washing. Swap your traditional shampoo for a Co-Wash which gently eradicates any impurities without drying and dehydrating your strands. Our KeraCare®Honey Shea Co-Washis a bestselling sulphate-free conditioning cleanser that’s composed of natural ingredients including honey, shea butter, castor oil, Amla, Argan and neem that helps to detangle your hair, whilst removing dirt, debris and excess oils from your hair and scalp. After your gym session, unravel your protective style, apply a generous amount and massage into your scalp for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. 


Deep condition often

Despite your best efforts to implement an effective post-workout regimen, when your scalp regularly perspires, it loses moisture and lustre. By deep conditioning on a regular basis (at least every 2-4 weeks), you will replenish the moisture lost and also help strengthen your strands which will also be vulnerable to damage. Our KeraCare ® Intensive Restorative Masque is scientifically proven to strengthen damaged hair. Made from a blend of nourishing fruit extracts to soften your hair and enhance elasticity, this specialised product seals, smoothes and tightens cuticles for moisture retention. 


Care for your scalp

All that excess sweating will also require you to remove residue that forms on your scalp and if left untouched can lead to flakes, itchiness and buildup. In addition to your co-wash, smooth the scalp with a product that calms scalp irritation and promotes healthy hair like our KeraCare® Dry & Itchy Scalp Glossifier. Our exceptional formula restores dry and flaky scalp, restoring it back to health. Gentle enough to use every day, rub between palms and fingertips and apply to the scalp when needed. 


Wear wash ‘n’ gos 

If you wash your hair regularly post-workout, you may want to start wearing more looser, textured styles to minimise having to use straighteners on manipulate your strands on a frequent basis. If your hair is natural, you can opt for a wash n go style, which can be achieved by adding a curling product such as our KeraCare® Natural Textures Defining Custardis formulated with softening ingredients that helps you to achieve perfectly defined curls without any frizz or flaking. If you wear your hair relaxed, try adding thick braids to your hair after your post-workout cleanse and wear in loose, tousled styles should you wish to give your hair a break from being regularly exposed to heated styling tools. Our KeraCare® Leave-In Conditioneris an excellent multi-purpose styler which contains kernel oil, seed oil and citrus extract that adds moisture to your locks leaving them feeling smooth and hydrated. 


Protect when heat styling

The beauty of the world we live in today is choice, and if you wear your hair relaxed or in a straight styles and really would like to continue maintaining a straight look at all times, you can still wear your hair in sleekier styles, just ensure you put practices in place to protect your delicate strands from potential damage. We have a number of protective creams and serums that create a barrier between heated styling tools and your hair, such as our bestselling KeraCare® Liquid Sheen,an oil-free formula that contains advanced silicon texturizing complex that minimises fibre friction, whilst also sealing the cuticle surfaces, to keep your strands satiny, full of softness and damage-free.  


Do you have your own personalised hair hacks to keep your strands healthy when you attend the gym? Keep the conversation going by sharing your tips in the comments.