Maddie's Texture Release™ Story


Texture Release™ System is our heat-activated system made from amino acids and conditioning agents which penetrate the hair shaft allowing those with curly/coily textures to transform their hair to a sleek temporary finish. Michelle Thompson, Avlon Brand Ambassador has created the Big on Textures collection to highlight the versatility of the Texture Release™ System using models with 3c, 4a and 4C hair.  She has created these three looks that show curl definition, voluminous body and long-lasting smoothness.



To prep the hair and remove product build-up, the hair was cleansed with Texture Release™ Scalp Rejuvenating Sulfate-Free Shampoo


To retain natural moisture, hair was dried up to 80% under a hooded dryer
The hair was equally sectioned and coated with Texture Release™ Hair Dilator


Texture Release™ Releasing Lotion was thoroughly applied in small equal sections.

Hair was then covered with a plastic cap and left to dry for 30 minutes with a five-minute cool down time


After rinsing, Texture Release™ Thermal Protector was combed through wet hair. To release the texture, hair was smoothened out on a mid to high heat setting

To release the texture, hair was smoothened out on a mid to high heat setting. To achieve a glossy style, small sections were flat ironed straight with up to seven passes  

Step 4-3.jpg

Maddie hair type 4a 
Hair was cut into a bob and spritzed with Texture Release™ Thermal Protector before being smoothed through. Using a curling want, soft curls were created through the layers then finger-combed out to create an undone, wavy texture. From the crown hair was brushed forward and cut into a eye-sweeping fringe 

To see finished look, click below

*Texture Release™ is a salon treatment designed to be used by professional hairstylists only. Once your Texture Release treatment is complete, ask your stylist for the recommended products from Avlon to maintain the style at home. Allow for follow-up appointments at least every 2-4 weeks (or as recommended by your stylist) and create a treatment plan.

*Affirmcare is available at selected salons.

Ask your stylist for more information.

If you’re a salon and you want to stock Texture Release™, simply contact your Avlon distributor on +44(0)121 522 2124.