Elarica's Texture Release Story

The Texture Release™ System is heat activated with amino acids and advanced patent-pending conditioning agents that penetrate deep into the hair fibres that enable ultimate styling versatility. This is an ideal process for curly and coily hair textures.


To prep the hair and remove product build-up, the hair was cleansed with Texture Release™Scalp Rejuvenating Sulfate-Free Shampoo


To retain natural moisture, hair was dried up to 80% under a hooded dryer

The hair was equally sectioned and coated with Texture Release™ Hair Dilator

Step 1.jpg

Texture Release™ Releasing Lotion was thoroughly applied in small equal sections


Hair was then covered with a plastic cap and left to dry for 30 minutes with a five-minute cool down time


Step 4-2.jpg

After rinsing, Texture Release™ Thermal Protector was combed through wet hair. To release the texture, hair was blowdried straight using a paddle brush

To reveal a looser curl, the hair was lightly spritzed with water and the Texture Release Curl Shape & Shine Cream was applied before two strand twisting


The Texture Release™ Curl Shape & Shine Cream was worked through the hair root to tip to bolster texture and definition. For more volume, sections were wrapped round a curling wand and teased out to form a dramatic afro shape.

Click below to see Elarica’s Texture Release story or visit https://youtu.be/PvUAGiWBX8w

*Texture Release™ is a salon treatment designed to be used by a professional hairstylist.

Ask your stylist for more information.

*Affirmcare is available at selected salons.

If you’re a salon and you want to stock Texture Release™, simply contact your Avlon distributor on +44(0)121 522 2124.