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Braids are one of the most practical, versatile and stunning styles available. Not only do they function as the ultimate protective style, but they also provide the opportunity to give your hair a break, and frees up a lot of your day-to-day time. To keep your braids and hair well maintained, we have a multitude of products from Avlon which will be outlined in this feature. We also offer some styling tips that will help to keep your hair well-maintained and damage-free while wearing braids.

Braids has its place in history – just look back to the ancient Egyptian times, but as we can see, it’s alive and kicking in 2018. Celebrities and bloggers make it a go-to-style and it’s one of those styles that can be reinvented over and over. That being the case, refreshing your braid regime is a must as there are always ways to improve general hair care, especially as braids are considered to be a protective style that helps to promote hair growth.

With a helping hand from KeraCare® cleansers and conditioners your hair will feel better, and when it comes to unravelling, your natural hair will be healthy and strong. 


Individual braids with synthetic hair can be washed every week as they are far more durable than human hair. If for any reason you are not able to cleanse your hair and scalp, you can use a cotton ball, and using a mild antiseptic, remove any sebum lying on the scalp between the braids. 

When shampooing, use our KeraCare® 1st Lather Shampoo to effectively remove build-up. This will prepare the hair for a second cleanse with one of our conditioning shampoos. Take care not to pull or cut the braided hair or hair root with your fingernails or rings. Rough handling will cause the braids to frizz, start to loosen and become untidy.


Whether you have natural or synthetic braids, you must condition and moisturise both your braids and scalp daily. This is essential to maintain shine, avoid an itchy scalp, combat frizz and help prevent breakage. Our KeraCare® Detangling Conditioning Mist is perfectly designed for the job. 

Remember to check the emollient content of products if you have natural braids. It is vital to feed your hair, as all the time your braids are in place, your own hair is still growing, and you need to ensure the new growth is soft and moisturised. KeraCare® Essentials Oils works on two levels; it nourishes and conditions your scalp and encourages healthy growth, while the aloe vera contained in the treatment soothes any irritation and relieves itching.

Four more braid essentials

  • Avoid using hot water when shampooing braids as this can damage them and cause frizzing.

  • Braiding and canerows should both be done by a professional, skilled stylist. This will help avoid damage to the scalp and hair.

  • Never pull on your braids when removing them. It is a good idea to have a professional remove them whenever possible.

  • When sleeping, cover your hair with a satin scarf to keep them together. Do not use nylon tights – the friction cause damage to the hairline.

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