Dealing with thinning hair

If you’ve been dealing with thinning hair and it’s causing you distress and concern, w’eve got some practical tips to help prevent the condition from worsening.

Although hair thinning can feel embarrassing and personal, it’s something that affects many more people than we realise.

While some hair loss and thinning is hereditary or a side effect of an illness, sometimes it’s a preventable offset of bad hair management and simply changing your routine can stop excessive hair thinning.

First things first, you have to research the cause of your thinning hair to determine whether it’s genetic or if it has been triggered by a lifestyle factor that you can change. If it’s something that runs in the family, then there’s very little you can do to change that unfortunately. But if it’s something you think is due to your lifestyle, there are a few things you can do to help combat the problem. 

Loosen up hair ties

If you’re a fan of tying your hair up into a pineapple as a ‘quick fix’ style, then you need to stop. It’s an easy styling option, yes, but not only can it lead to breakage when your hair band is constantly snagging your strands, but also the tightness of the style pulls your hair from the root, weakening it from the follicle. Not to suggest you have to have your hair loose and free always, but just mixing up your styles is a simple way to avoid repetitive pulling in the same area. 

Switch up your products

Falling into a rut with your products is something that can happen over time, and you might not notice immediately, but as your hair and scalp get used to products sometimes they can stop working in the same way as they initially did. While this won’t necessarily make your hair shed, it can prevent growth. We suggest evaluating your wash-day products from time-to-time and consider questions like: what key ingredients do they have? What are the benefits? Doing this and adding some AffirmCare® StyleRight ProGrowth Oil into your routine should get things back up to speed.

Quit the brushing

Shedding hair every day is normal, in fact, dropping up to around 100 strands a day is fine but any more than this can be a concern. Give your hair it’s best chance by avoiding brushing it excessively, which pulls hair from the root, and with the wrong tools can snag and break hair. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle - especially when the hair is wet and most prone to breakage. Every fortnight apply a treatment mask to strengthen the hair, such as our Affirmcare® MoisturRight Hair Repair Masque, packed with nutrients and restorative properties that repair dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Chop, chop!

Getting a trim is a key habit for women with healthy hair. Split ends are not only unsightly, they are a key impediment to hair growth, as the split will run further and further up the hair shaft until it eventually sheds. Book in for a trim every three months to stop those split ends from travelling. 

Incorporate scalp massage

A scalp massage may seem like an extravagance, but it’s a great way to promote growth and a simple addition to your routine. Take an oil, such as Affirmcare® StyleRight ProGrowth Oil , our amazing treatment oil which contains pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil, and rice bran oils that nourishes and soothes the scalp. Take time to gently massage it into your scalp before working it through the lengths of your hair. The massage encourages blood flow to your scalp which then helps your hair follicles to wake up and support new growth.

Do you have thinning hair? If so, tell us how you’re dealing with it.