5 New Hair Resolutions for 2019

Do you find yourself repeating the ‘new year, new hair’ mantra every year but find yourself failing short on your hair goals? If so, follow our simplified hair regimen and reap the benefits of strong, healthy, vibrant hair. 


1. Have regular trim sessions

Many of us find it so difficult to trim our hair, particularly when we are trying to achieve our hair length goals, but it’s worth emphasising that it’s counter intuitive to abstain from regular trims as it leads to all sorts of problems such as straggly ends, thin, weak hair and split ends which makes it way up the hair shaft causing hair damage. Textured hair should be trimmed at least every 3-4 months, and we recommend that you enlist a professional stylist to trim who will be expertly equipped to do the job. Will trimming make your hair grow faster? Not necessarily, because hair growth occurs from the scalp. But what it will do is make your hair healthier, and healthy hair is crucial to growth. 


2. Treat your scalp

It really all does start with the scalp. You can slather on as many products as you want, try out the latest hair growth crazes, and protective style all you want, but if your scalp is dry, flaky or filled with product and grime build-up, your hair will not flourish. Make 2019 the year you really prioritise your scalp. Stick to a cleansing regime of every 7-10 days and maintain your scalp with regular massages using a fortifying treatment such as AffirmCare® StyleRight ProGrowth Oil, a concentrated formula of pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil, and rice bran oil which are rich in phytosterols that moisturises and revitalises the hair and scalp. Make this a part of your regular routine; you can massage your scalp when you are sitting on the sofa watching a box set, or even after a relaxing soak in the bath as part of your self-care routine. The more you integrate it as part of your daily life is the more it will come naturally to you and won’t seem like a chore. 


3. Get your washing schedule right

Implementing a regular cleansing routine is probably one of the toughest tasks for time-starved women, but it’s such an important one. If your hair often feels dry, lifeless, crunchy and lank it’s probably a result of it not being cleansed enough. If there’s one hair non-negotiable you make for 2019, make it this one. Every 7-10 days cleanse and treat your hair with an enriched shampoo like AffirmCare® MoistuRight Nourishing Shampoo, a sulfate-free formula blended with Argan, pequi and Buritil oils that cleanses brittle strands to leave the hair and scalp feeling moisturised and healthy. Follow up with MoisturRight Nourishing Conditioner, a rich, luxurious treatment for dry, damaged hair that nourishes each individual strand from inside out. In time, you will notice a considerable improvement to the condition of your hair: your strands will remain hydrated, your scalp clean and clear, and your hair will look and feel healthy in appearance. 

4. Schedule regular visits with your stylist

We’re indeed living in an amazing era with unprecedented access to information, and this has resulted in a generation of women more empowered than ever with knowledge about how to look and care for their hair. And yet, nothing beats getting your hair treated and styled by a professional who has studied their craft and possesses an expertise that surpasses anything you’ll find online. Find a stylist who specialises in your hair type and schedule in at least four salon visits a year. A professional hairstylist will be able to identify any blind spots you may not be able to see and create a personalised hair regimen and treatment plan that will set you on a path to healthy hair. And furthermore, what better way to pamper yourself than spending an afternoon locked off from the hectic activity of the world, catching up on your favourite magazines, while having your scalp massaged, strands treated, and your hair styled to perfection? Go ahead and book that appointment, you’re so worth it. 


5. Invest in good hair tools and products

This year use the power of discernment and rather than succumb to buying every product or hair tool that crosses your timeline, opt for quality over quantity. Find products that work for your hair and stick to them instead of being seduced by far-fetched claims promising overnight hair growth and other such myths. Healthy hair is a marathon, not a sprint. At Avlon we offer products made using healthy, quality ingredients that if used regularly will lead to healthy hair, but it will take a long-term commitment, there’s no such thing as a flash in the pan quick fix. 


6. Start from the inside out

Healthy eating is fundamental for the condition of your hair – we really can’t repeat this enough.Eating a balanced diet rich in protein, biotin, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals will promote hair growth, lustre and shine, and make your hair healthy and strong. Create a diet rich in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, protein-rich foods like egg, chicken and dairy products, and iron-fortified foods such as spinach, broccoli, lentils and red meat. 


What are some of your hair goals for 2019? Share them in the comments.