Elite Hair Lounge – An inspirational story of a young entrepreneur who's following her dream. 

While countless stories and headlines have been written about the plight of the high street, on the contrary professional hairstylist and proprietor Talisha Cox has emerged as a certified success story having launched two thriving hair salons in south London in the space of three short years. Talisha is the owner of Elite Hair Lounge, which currently has locations in Lewisham and Stockwell, catering to both Afro and European hair clients. 



The Elite Hair Lounge ethos is very clear: each client should have healthy and well-maintained hair whether they choose to chemically straighten it or wear it natural. Talisha and her talented team of stylists are renowned for being natural and relaxed hair specialists who have honed their signature ‘Elite Silk Press’, a technique whereby hair is styled in a transformative sleek, glossy finish which is loved by thousands of their supporters who never tire of expressing admiration when they are shown such styles posted on social media. The salon is also one of the many Afro specialist salons proficient in applying Texture Release treatments, and also stocks Avlon products which are used in salon and also offered as after care products.

“Working with Avlon has opened up new opportunities and new experiences”, says Talisha. “The Avlon team are all warm, friendly, professional and a joy to work with. Myself and my team sincerely enjoy using Avlon products so working with Avlon came naturally.”

Talisha’s story is nothing short of inspirational. Embarking on her hairdressing career as a young teen, the precocious talent sharpened her skills at a local salon before making the brave decision to become self-employed at the tender age of 21, working as a mobile stylist. Three years later Elite Hair Lounge opened its doors in September 2015 in Stockwell, South London, and in a short space of time has flourished into a premiere destination for fashion-forward women with Afro and European hair who like to experiment with texture, colour and geometric hairstyles. In 2018 due to popular demand, a second branch of Elite opened in a leafy South East London suburb. 


Social media has also played a part in the salon’s unparalleled success. Talisha’s marketing of Elite Hair Lounge using Instagram particularly has resulted in a strong 11,500 group of followers who interact daily resulting in a community of loyal supporters invested in the salon’s success. 



As we celebrate phenomenal women in the month of March, Talisha embodies all the qualities synonymous with greatness: hard work, talent, tenacity, ambition and humility. It’s also worth mentioning that by employing a team of talented and knowledgeable hairstylists, Talisha should also be commended for sending the elevator back down’, providing a platform for the upcoming generation of hairstylists to accumulate experience and skills and achieve their own ambitions and goals.  

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Elite Hair Lounge was the first salon to receive the first Avlon Salon of Excellence Award. The award was created to celebrate salons who deliver exceptional technical services and excellent customer service which enhances the consumers’ experience in their salon.

For further information about Elite Hair Lounge visit elitehairlounge.co.uk or follow the salon on Instagram at @elitehairlounge



Elite Hair Lounge

288 Lee High Road

Lewisham, SE13 5PJ

Tel: 020 7018 5655

Elite Hair Lounge

24 Sidney Store ,

London SW9 0TS 

Tel: 020 7207 5904