KeraCare ® VERSA STYLE Campaign – Styling Secrets 

Textured hair has never been more celebrated. Women in their droves are basking in the magic of texture individuality, and loving their curls, coils and waves. KeraCare ® are proud to be at the forefront of major trends and continuing with the vision of our founder  as a quality and timeless brand that transcends all generations and textured hair types. 


We are proud to present our latest collection “Versa Style” which was creatively directed  by award-winning hairdresser Michelle Thompson and  celebrates curls and coils in all their versatility. Michelle has always been avant-garde when it comes to textured hair, creating a collection of iconic styles. She says of our  latest KeraCare®  collection:

My inspiration behind the “Versa Style” campaign was to showcase that no matter what type of girl you are - be it a city girl, a sporty girl or even eccentric - like fashion, hair styles are  forever changing. I specifically chose girls with different hair types who owned their looks which t every girl with curly, coily and kinky hair could relate to.

KeraCare® has always been at the centre of textured hair  conversation for both the consumer and professional stylist. We also attribute our enduring success to our ability to watch the trends as they unfold everywhere from the catwalk, to the pavements of cosmopolitan cities as well as social media. We’ve been listening, too. We understand that you desire inspirational looks that showcase the beauty of your textured hair, alongside maintenance products that help you to style and recreate the looks yourselves at home. 


Just like fashion, KeraCare® is continually evolving. Our products are constantly being reformulated and developed to ensure that we are keeping abreast of consumer and hair professionals’ product and styling needs. Are you ready to learn more about how to achieve these looks? See below for tips and style descriptions.


Look 1 - The Rod Set 


IMG_1710 copy4.jpg

Hair type 3b-3c-4a

Hair problem:

Delmaviera used to straighten her hair often and as a result has heat damage around the front and the top of her hair. She has multiple textures throughout phasing from 4a in the back of her hair to 3b and 3c. She experiences a lot of shrinkage where her curls are tighter, and her mid-length and ends are extremely fragile due to the heat damage.


The hair needs a lot of moisture, so a deep-penetrating treatment is recommended. Because her curl pattern lacks consistency, setting the hair in rods will temporarily give a more uniformed look.


Delma 4.jpg

Hair was cleansed using our KeraCare® Natural Textures Cleansing Cream followed by a deep treatment using KeraCare® Deep Moisturizing Masque before KeraCare® Natural Textures Hair Milk was applied to towel dried hair to keep strands moisturised. 

The model’s hair was then sectioned into a “halo” shape, then small sections were taken and smoothed with KeraCare® Natural Textures Twist and Define Cream before being wrapped around flexi rods. This whole process was repeated until the whole head was complete. Our model was then placed under a hooded dryer for 45 minutes, before rods were removed and each curl was delicately teased out. Finally, hair was volumized with an Afro comb; use it to lift hair in certain areas to create body and fullness.  



Look 2 - The Wash ‘N’ Glow!  

Hair type 3c 


IMG_1542 copy2.jpg

Hair problem:

Chi regularly colours her hair, therefore her curls have become dry, limp and colour treatments faded quickly.  


Cleanse and treat the hair using the KeraCare® Moisturising Shampoo and KeraCare® Moisturising Conditioner for Colour Treated hair.  This winning combo adds moisture to the hair and helps to retain colour. We also balanced out the length and added tapered layers to create more volume. 


Chi i .jpg


Curls were shampooed and conditioned using KeraCare® Moisturising Shampoo followed by KeraCare® Moisturising Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair. Next, hair was cut into shape using internal layers to create lift and movement. Finally, KeraCare® Natural Textures Leave in Conditioner was applied to wet hair followed by KeraCare® Natural Textures Defining Custard, which was used to set finger coiled strands and then diffused dry. 




Look 3 – KeraCare® Thermal Wonder 

Hair type 3a-3b

IMG_1696 copy1.jpg

Hair problem: 

Aurée doesn’t like to straighten her hair as she is afraid of heat damage so tends to wear her hair curly most of the time. As a result, she has developed spilt ends having not had a professional cut for ages. Also, her curls lacked a bounce. 


We applied the KeraCare® Thermal Wonder system to our model to demonstrate how you can go from curly to straight and back to curly again, with little heat damage and without any chemical commitment. 



For this stunning look our Thermal Wonder system was used. We started by applying the Pre-Poo Conditioner to unwashed hair and left it on the hair under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap for 20 minutes for a deep condition. After rinsing out thoroughly, hair was then cleansed with Thermal Wonder® Cream Cleansing Shampoo and then towel dried. KeraCare® Thermal Wonder® 6 in 1 Thermal Protector was spritzed liberally throughout the hair before blow drying. Once hair was dried, large sections of the hair was taken and waves created using styling irons. To complete the look, a deep side parting was done  and hair was sleeked back from the face and spritzed using KeraCare® Styling Spritz Medium Hold to create a strong hold. The remainder of the hair was brushed out to achieve a soft bouncy effect.


 The beauty of KeraCare® Thermal Wonder is it allows you to revert back to curly hair with ease, as demonstrated by our model’s gorgeous second look.

 To get the hair back to its original state the hair was shampooed and conditioned using KeraCare® Natural Textures Cleansing Cream. Once the curls had returned a generous amount of KeraCare® Natural Textures Leave-in Conditioner was applied throughout.  KeraCare® Foam Wrap Lotion was applied to each section and individual sections were finger coiled. Finally, hair was diffused until it was completely dry and spritzed  with KeraCare®Silken Seal Liquid Sheen for shine.


Look 4 - The Two Strand Twist Out 

Hair type 3b- 3c 4a

IMG_1514 copy Z.jpg

Hair problem: Olivia’s hair was generally dry and brittle.  

Solution: To bring Olivia’s hair back to life we treated it to a moisture boost using KeraCare® products. 

Curls were cleansed with KeraCare® Natural Textures Cleansing Cream. After towel drying the hair, our  KeraCare® Natural Textures Hair Milk was applied throughout to seal in moisture. Next, KeraCare® Natural Textures Twist and Define Cream and KeraCare® Natural Textures Defining Custard were cocktailed and added to the hair in preparation for twisting. Taking small sections of the hair, two strand twists were created and then repeated until the whole head was complete. The model was placed under a hooded dryer for 45 minutes to an hour. Once hair was dry, each twist was unravelled by twisting in the opposite direction and carefully separated to ensure curls remained soft and defined. An Afro comb was used to create volume to the root and then voila – you have a stunning finished style.

Watch the KeraCare Versa Style Campaign full tutorial here